Trip to Victoria, B.C.!

January 12, 2017

I got to start this year out with a quick trip, which was wonderful! You all know how much I love travelling, and just getting away, even if it is somewhere near, helps me so much. I always find clarity in my travels… most likely because I am away from all my “stuff” so to speak. We are planning a really big trip for the summer, so I will keep you posted on that! But for now I just did a quick trip to visit my brother in Victoria. I couldn’t believe how green it was still… I mean, I know they don’t get the crazy cold and snow like we do, but I have never been out there in the winter and it was beautiful. It was pretty darn cold though with the wind coming off the water so I don’t think I prepared myself enough for that! I love going to Victoria because it has all my favourite things, the ocean, the rainforest, and the mountains. One day maybe I will move out there, but who knows! I soaked up as much of all three as I could while I was there. I can’t even believe how much walking I did in 4 short days. I definitely got my exercise in. I was silly and brought my converse shoes for walking around town which KILLED my feet. Thankfully I had my hiking boots for when we did some more hiking. I didn’t spend too much time in downtown Victoria because I have been there a few times and know it pretty well, but I couldn’t help walking past the Empress Hotel and snapping a photo or two. It’s really beautiful in the summer when they have all the flowers planted, but winter was almost as nice 😉
We did a quick jaunt down to Fisherman’s Wharf because I love seeing all the little houses on the water. It’s nice because in the winter it’s not busy at all!! Usually you are fighting past people. One day we did a hike around Botany Bay and I felt so at peace. Right by the rainforest, standing on the shore, looking at starfish and sea anemone in the tidal pools. That was bliss right there. I could have stayed there my whole trip and been content.
The coolest part of the trip was probably going up to the telescope at the University of Victoria. My brother is an astrophysicist and so he has the privilege of going up to the telescope and I was able to snap a couple sweet pictures of the moon! I also saw Andromeda and some star clusters, but nothing that would have turned out in a photograph. It was amazing!!
Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip!! Enjoy 🙂

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