Fun Facts!

January 27, 2017

It’s Friday! This is my “weekend” and who got lucky and got sick? This gal! I had so many plans to get myself ahead on the blog and I am currently still in my PJ’s watching Suits…. so that didn’t happen! I have actively been taking some time for myself this month and haven’t been posting too much so that I could get organized into the New Year but I am ready to get back into the swing of things! Next month is Prim & Posie’s birthday. How crazy is that?! I’m so appreciative of all of you, you have no idea! I promise my posts will become more frequent again, once I am over this dreaded fever/cold/flu thing I’ve got going on! Here are some fun facts about me to tide you over 😉

1. I speak fluent Spanish!

2. I’m horrible for taking my make-up off at night.

3. I sing in the car. And when I say sing, I mean SING.

4. I often will laugh at myself far more than others will (I think I’m funny- it’s okay)

5. I have to fall asleep on my right side.

6. I literally fell asleep writing this post! Dang sickness!

7.  I would love to live and work abroad again.

8. I hope to travel the world with my family one day.

9. I will own an english sheep-dog one day.

10. I love Wes Anderson films!

Stay tuned for some fun new posts coming soon!
Thanks again loves!

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