February: The Month Of Love (Part One: Body Image Love)

February 1, 2017

Hello everybody! I hope you are all feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed today! I woke up early for a nice and refreshing yoga class and I left feeling very strange!! Usually when I exercise in the morning I feel rejuvenated and ready for the day (which I did) but I also felt a nagging consciousness the entire time I was doing yoga. Normally I go to a yoga studio that has no mirrors, which I love. At first I was skeptical about it, but not only does it force you to listen to your body rather than look at it from the outside, it also takes away all sorts of competitive, egotistical vibes that sometimes happen when we exercise. The yoga class today had mirrors. And I showed up, ready to empty my mind and rebuild my conscious and was instead met by hundreds of words of self-doubt. “What are these other yogis going to think of my eagle pose?” “Should I have worn leggings instead of shorts?” “Why does the teacher keep correcting me, have I learned nothing about these postures?” etc. They flooded my mind and took me RIGHT out of my practice. Instead of being about finding my strength, my breath, and my relaxation, it became about my lack of self-image, my self-respect, and my self-love.

February is the “month of love”. I think the Hallmark version puts a lot of money into promoting relationships and engagements (which are good things!) but I find that this particular month I want to focus on different kinds of love. Starting with body image. I know for years I have had a hard time accepting my body. I have found it difficult to look in the mirror at times and to feel confident in what was looking back at me. I know so many of my friends have gone through these moments in their lives and I just wanted to take this week to focus deeply on body-image love. I have made goals for myself on what I want to do to increase my body-image love each day.

1. Compliment a new part of my body each day.
2. Begin the day by nourishing my body with good food and water.
3. Dedicate 30 minutes (or more) of my morning to moving my body and acknowledging its strength.
4. Notice when I compare myself to others, and if I do, change my thoughts to something positive about myself.
5. Dress myself to feel confident.
6. Give myself a place of solace to be completely comfortable without the distraction of media.
7. Focus on eating my meals and what my food is doing for me, rather than what I can be doing while I eat.
8. Don’t obsess over how I look, but rather focus on how I feel.
9. Take the pressure and deadlines off myself for when I need to look or feel a certain way.
10. Listen to others when they say something positive about me.

If you are struggling with body-image let me know what helps you get through it! Here is to self-love friends! You all rock and are all beautiful!

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