How To Have A Good Night’s Sleep

February 7, 2017

I have had bouts of insomnia for years now, and I have yet to pinpoint why. I have tried to find patterns in my life or my diet but nothing has presented itself. Sometimes I just can’t sleep! And we all know that’s the worst. Waking up feeling like you have had a good night’s sleep just changes your day entirely. I am a culprit for getting grumpy, and I mean grumpy. So figuring out what works for me to try to ensure I have the best sleep possible is crucial. I’ve put together a list of things that I do/use to make sure that I get the rest I need.

1. Saje Diffuser: We got this for Christmas, and there hasn’t been a night it hasn’t been on. Something about the smell just reminds me of a massage and instantly soothes and calms me. There are so many different diffuser oils you can get that serve a variety of different purposes. I love my diffuser and wish I could have one in every room!

2. Hot Bath: Along with scents, warmth can calm me right down and make me sleepy. I love take a hot bath before bed because it just eases me into my sleep, and often times I will have to get out because I’ll fall asleep in the tub if I don’t!

3. Candles: Something about the light of a candle just makes me think rest and relaxation. If I have a candle burning my body knows that it’s time to unwind.

4. Journalling: My mind operates at 1000 miles/minute. This is one of the big things that will keep me up at night is my mind just churning and churning more and more thoughts until I can’t find a place for them anymore. If I am feelings super overwhelmed I will journal or  “mind dump” all my thoughts onto the page. A lot of times this helps me get my thoughts out of my head and into the world. I will also make lists if I feel like I need to accomplish a lot the next day.

5. Be Prepared: Another thing that keeps me up at night is the stress of all the things I need to do in the morning. If I lay out my clothes, have breakfast and lunch ready to go, and have my bags all packed, my morning routine goes much better! To see my tips of dealing with mornings check out my post here.

6. Read: Looking at screens is known to prevent sleep, so if I feel like I want some shut eye, I will always reach for a book. I am a terrible night reader. I fall asleep so quickly after picking up a book I can barely finish a chapter. It is also a nice way to escape from the day and focus on a different world for a while.

7. Drink Tea: A thing I do to unwind is drink tea. Chamomile or Night-Teas are great ones to cause your body to fall into its sleep cycle. Make sure you drink something herbal that has no caffeine in it or you will just keep yourself awake longer!

8. Breathe: This might seem silly, but whenever I am lying awake at night and can’t sleep, I always focus on my breath. I make sure I take even exhales and inhales so that I am steady out the rhythm of my breathing and relaxing my body more. Beats counting sheep!

9. White Noise: I am a sucker for the sounds of the ocean my friends. I know some people need silence to sleep, but more me having a soothing nature sound quietly (and I mean quietly) in the background will often send me to sleep.

10. Wake-Up Light: Okay this is the newest development and the best one so far in getting a good nights rest. Often I find I am having an awesome sleep and then I am awoken abruptly by and alarm. Joel and I recently invested in this alarm clock and it has made getting up so much easier! It gradually uses light to emulate the sunrise so you wake up naturally in your cycle to light rather than to sound! It is amazing. There is an alarm component but I am always awake before that even goes off and feel so refreshed! Worth the money!!

I hope some of these tricks help you out! I know I am feeling way more rested than I have before! Goodnight everyone 🙂

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