Prim & Posie Turns 1!

March 1, 2017

I can’t believe that Prim & Posie is one year old already! This year FLEW by, but it also feels like I did so much! I can’t believe I have been blogging my life for so long already, but I couldn’t do it without all of you readers! You guys are amazing and I am so happy you follow along on the journey with me. I’m excited to keep blogging and to try new things this year and keep adventuring with you by my side. This year has been full of ups and downs, but with the blog, I have been able to keep a reminder of all many of the great moments I have experienced this year. To celebrate I had a mini fondue party at my house on the weekend, but was silly and took before photos but no photos of the actual fondue! I guess I’ll just have to do another fondue party and remember to take photos 😉 That is one thing that I love about blogging, is that it has really allowed me to take more time to do things that I love. I have made more DIY’s this year than I probably have my whole life and I have LOVED it! Also making memories in different places around the world and sharing those bits of life through video has made me feel like I have relived the experience. This year has been truly awesome! Here are some of my favourite moments of the past year on Prim & Posie:
1.Pegboard Organization
2. DIY Hanging Planters
3. Anthro-Inspired Decorations
4. Orlando Video

5. Happy Over Crappy & Opening Up About PTSD
6. Breakfast Date at Duchess
7. Bold Lips
8. Peppermint Marshmallow Recipe
9. Prairie Road Trip
10. Coney Island

I feel very nostalgic going through all these old posts! I have had some awesome memories and can’t wait to make more! Here are few photos from the fondue party that I did take! If you love the blog please subscribe and share! Comment what your favourite post was this year! Would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading 🙂  Let’s go on an adventure!

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