DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Holder

March 3, 2017

I have been eyeing this DIY for some time on pinterest now and finally got around to trying it out! I am so nervous when it comes to copper pipe and metals because of the cutting process, but this particular project was a breeze! Once I got a hang of using my copper tube cutter, it was all really simple. I think this project is super cute, and can easily be changed up every now and again with new fabrics!

What You Need:
2  43 cm copper pipes
4  35 cm copper pipes
2  23 cm copper pipes
8  copper elbows (90 degree)
pipe cutter
tape measure
hem tape
fabric 45×150 cm

What To Do:

1. If you haven’t already, cut your pipe into the measurements listed above using your pipe cutter. I had two 6ft long pieces of pipe that I cut. Use a dry-erase marker to mark where you plan on making the cuts.

2. Turn on your iron to cotton setting. Cut a piece of hem tape equal to the length of each side of your fabric. 
3. Hem the fabric with the hem tape by placing the tape a width away from the edge.

4. Fold over the edge of the fabric to cover hem tape.

5. Iron slowly. You will need to hold iron over hem for approx 30 secs to create a bond. Repeat this for each side of the fabric until each side is hemmed.

6. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, leaving one side to overlap the other by about 2 cm.
7. Using hem tape, cut a piece the length of the fold and apply heat to attach the new folded ends together.
8. Insert the 43 cm pipes into either side so they rest in between the fabric.

9. Cut more hem tape the length of each side of the fabric. When measuring, stop when you reach the pipe on each side. Leaving the pipe in, iron the hem tape in between the layers of fabric to attach each side to the other. 
10. Attached all metal pipe together with elbows. The 2 smallest pieces are the widths that rest on the floor. Attach the 4 35cm pieces to the 23 cm pieces. Finally attach the 43 cm pieces with the fabric to each side. Voila!
Hope you like it! I know I do!! If you need any clarifications let me know! Happy crafting!

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