March 8, 2017

It is International Women’s Day today and I have to say I couldn’t feel more thankful for all the women I have the opportunity to work with, grow with, and dream with. My life is full of women with strength, courage, and compassion that truly inspire me every single day. I wanted to write a post to emphasize all the ways in which women guide me into becoming my best and most honest self. So here’s to you, you powerhouses!

Thank you to my friends who allow me to show up and be vulnerable, honest, and open. The space you offer me to be in my most sincere moments makes me feel safe and comforted.

Thank you to my mentors who have shown me what success can look like. Your grace in your success is not one of humility but one of acknowledgement for all those who have united to create something wonderful. You have shown me you do not need to step on others to accomplish what you dream.

Thank you to my mother for showing me how to grow into a woman that doesn’t require anyone else to decide and choose what is best for me. You have shown me how to approach situations and consider my outcomes on my own, without the influence of others. You have taught me to see and share my intelligence, creativity, and compassion.

Thank you to my co-workers who have shown me how influential women can be in their work. You have encouraged me to be myself in my work and to run the way I feel I need to create positive and safe environments for all those I teach.

Thank you to women in leadership roles who have helped increase the confidence of women in numbers. To speak up for those who have yet to find their voice. To encourage all to see the value and importance of women.

I love you all! Keep on kickin’ butt!

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