Local Eats: Cafe Mosaics

March 24, 2017

It has been a while since I have done a local eats post! Joel and I decided to go for brunch before hitting up Ikea the other day (I love that store) and I am so glad we decided on Cafe Mosaics. I had been in once or twice in the past, but never for brunch and always had grabbed something small to eat. I have to say though, their food is delicious! They serve vegetarian/vegan cuisine that is to die for, even if you are a meat-eater! I ordered a lavender lemonade to start, and goodness it was delicious. I’m not exaggerating either! It was fizzy, and had the perfect balance of lavender to lemon for my liking. I would go back just for another one of those! Joel ordered the eggs benedict (which I should have ordered myself – still kicking myself for that) and I ordered the macaroni and “cheese”. Both were very good, but I have to say the eggs benedict is probably our favourite in the city now. It was so flavourful and everything just tasted so perfect together, I can’t rave enough about it. The macaroni was also very good, although not my favourite in town. I do want to go back to try other dishes! The prices are on the higher side roughly $15-17 per dish, although for eggs benedict it is worth it! It got busy very fast so I suggest being prepared to wait a bit if you go on a weekend. One group wasn’t seated the entire time we were there which I felt sorry for. Service was a little slow but we were in no rush. I don’t suggest going on a weekend however if you have places to be! All in all I would highly recommend this place as the food was delicious. Check this place out!

**Side note, our living room is coming together and our couch should be here next week! Can’t wait to give you a living room tour!!! Stay tuned**

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