Easter Egg Decorating!

April 10, 2017

I have been racking my brain on cute Easter eggs to do this year and browsed through pages and pages of Pinterest until I found these 2 adorable egg designs. If you want to see the Easter eggs I did last year, you can see them here. I decided to give you a run down on both of the eggs I made for this year. Please know these aren’t my original DIY’s I just thought they were so cute I’d try them out myself! (Also, Joel bought us a new lens and I am in love!!) Here are the two mini DIY’s:

Paper Napkin Easter Egg:

What You Need:
Paper Napkins
Eggs (I hard boil mine)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

What To Do:
1. Take napkin and cut into thin strips.

2. Use mod podge to coat egg, and place strips on the egg, being sure to line up the pattern.

3. Once egg is covered + dried entirely, cover with a coat of mod podge.

And that’s it! So super simple and adorable! Now on to the next!

Easter Bunny Eggs DIY

What You Need:
Eggs (hard boiled)
1/2 cup boiling water per colour used
1 tsp vinegar per colour used
Black and Pink Crayon
Food Colouring

What To Do:

1. Combine water, vinegar, and food colouring in a bowl.

2. Dip eggs in colour of choosing, so just the bottom half is dyed. Leave to dry.

3. Once dry, use black crayon to draw a line around egg where colour meets the white part of the egg. Add in a nose, eyes, ears, and bows/buttons. Use pink crayon for cheeks.

And you’re done!

I think both these Easter egg designs are so cute and so simple you could do them last minute if you need some extra decorating done! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think. 🙂

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