How I Am Getting Mentally Fit!

May 11, 2017

For those that have been reading the blog for a while now, you probably know I have struggled with anxiety for quite some time. You also may have noticed that I have been slightly a bit more absent on the blog these past few weeks. To be perfectly honest with you all I have just been having a hard few weeks struggling with anxiety and my self-image and I needed to take some time away to refocus my energy and get back on track. I find it very easy to fall in my own little pity-party and waste away time because I can’t get out of a slump. Has anyone else felt that way? I also find it so easy to lose control and let things move to the back-burner when I am in a slump (my house is a “disaster” – I say “disaster” because most people would still say it’s clean but for me.. nope). These past few weeks I have tried to focus on getting mentally fit and I thought I would share a few tips with you all on what helps me through these times, just in case you yourself are going through something similar.

1. Get Outside: The weather is finally nice and so I am really taking time to enjoy the outdoors. Getting sun rays, freckles, and fresh air are one of the quickest ways to get my mindset back in the right place.

2. Keep Hydrated: I know already I do not drink enough water. I am so bad at it! But as soon as I am hydrated I feel as though I can see a little more clearly and not get to caught up in my head.

3. Be Creative: Finding a creative outlet for me to express how I am feeling is so therapeutic for me. It gives me a chance to get rid of the junk that fills up my headspace.

4. Hang Out With Friends: If I know I am feeling anxious, being on my own sometimes can only worsen the problem. Now this of course isn’t the same for everyone, but when I am with those close to me, I find relief from some of my thoughts and it allows me to be present and not just ruminate my thoughts over and over.

5. Get Active: I have been so proud of myself, getting off my butt and being active! This is probably my top trick to feeling better. When my body feels better it gives me confidence and increases my endorphins which is just all around a positive thing!

I hope these little tricks help any of you if you are feeling in the dumps lately. I think it is important to be honest about your feelings if you are not in a good headspace and find ways that work for you to help alleviate the stress of your life! Happy Thursday everyone! Sending smiles to you all!!

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