Tulum + Cenote + Akumal

May 27, 2017

On our second day in Mexico, we decided to go on a day excursion to Tulum. I had been as a kid but it was nice to go back as an adult and appreciate it all in a different way! I am always blown away about how a civilization once existed and flourished in a place where now only stones remain. We spent the morning exploring the ruins. Tulum is located right on the beach so the views are spectacular. Apparently it was part of their tradition to sacrifice virgins there! Times have changed haha. You can still see in some places the remains of the red paint that was used on the stone.

Later on we went to the Cenotes (they are underwater caves). Our tour guide asked any of us if we wanted to jump off a 15ft high platform into a cave. Vicky did it without hesitation so I felt I needed to follow suit (although there was some hesitation involved!) That was probably the highlight of my day! The water was so refreshing and I don’t think I had ever jumped from that high. (It may not seem high to some, but for height wimps like me it was!). It was amazing! We then went swimming in the underwater caves which were as equally cool as they were terrifying. How do we know that they aren’t going to collapse on us?! We also saw a bat and a tarantula so that was extra freaky!

Afterwards we went snorkelling in Akumal. There weren’t a tonne of varieties of fish there but I enjoyed it because the currents in the water weren’t insane! I love snorkelling but when it’s hard to swim around it makes it more challenging, so I’m glad I could just focus on the fish! Here are a few pictures from our day!

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