Green Thumbs!

June 4, 2017

We moved in to our current house last August, and so it was way too late in the season to even attempt to garden. After living in a basement suite for a couple years, I was so pumped to finally have a yard I could spend time in! I have been waiting all year to get my hands on our garden and plant anything and everything. I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see, but where our (now) garden is, before was just full of weeds, tree roots, and quack grass. We spent many hours getting the garden ready just to plant. I never want to see a weed again! It was all worth it though because now we get to enjoy everything we planted! I really don’t mind the hard work if I know the result is going to be worth it. Also spending time outside in the fresh air isn’t a bad thing either! I was really wanting to plant strawberries too but we didn’t want them taking over our garden so I found a hanging basket of strawberries! I really hope it survives! I also may have gone a little flower happy too 😉 Now let’s hope it all grows! If you have any tips for a successful garden let me know! I would love any help 🙂 I live for these summer days and I can’t wait to be barefoot and freckled all the time!

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