10 Things!

June 12, 2017

How was your weekend? I honestly can’t remember much of mine it was so jam-packed! I did go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with my friend and I thought it was really funny! I also bought all the Harry Potter films so I am slowly working my way through those!! I have felt SO lazy lately, I can tell I am ready for summer!! Anyway, here are 10 things!!

1. Lately I have been dreaming about what I want my house to look like when I finally buy a place. I’m dreaming of all the design I can do and it’s making me want it to happen soon!!

2. I want to force myself to read more! I am thinking of doing a summer reading book club. Is that something you readers would be interested in?

3. I desperately need to purge my wardrobe again! The last time was when I did this post… that was far too long ago!

4. My face has been soaking up the hydra-essential face cream by Clarins! I love it so so much!

5. Does anyone hate cleaning makeup brushes but then love it when it’s done? I cleaned mine the other day and now it makes me want to do it more.

6. I can’t wait for our next holiday!!! It’s coming up in August and it couldn’t come sooner! We’ve been planning for so long!

7. I teach a baby music class and now all the babies want to be rocked by me and it is so cute!!! I get so many hugs and it just warms my heart!

8. Our garden we planted is filling in and I can’t wait to eat it all! I am gone most of the summer so hopefully there will still be stuff left for me once I am home!

9. Trying to plan a trip to visit a friend who is having a baby, hopefully all works out! I really want to see her 🙂

10. Got my eyelash extensions re-done yesterday! Apparently my eyelashes grow a tonne! I love having extensions and not having to worry about applying mascara. My eyelashes are naturally longer but not having to put on makeup all the time is amazing!!

Have a good rest of your Monday!!

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