Evening of Kayaking!

June 20, 2017

There weather was so beautiful on the weekend we just had to take advantage of it. We got together with some family and friends and went kayaking for a few hours!  It was such a perfect evening and was the most beautiful weather, we really lucked out. I love being outdoors this time of year. Late spring/early summer is one of my favourite times because the weather is just perfect! We are getting some epic rain at night which I also love. Falling asleep to rain is just the best, don’t you think? I’m starting to gear up for July and August as I have a busy summer ahead of me! It’s nice to enjoy peaceful evenings every once and a while to keep myself relaxed. I remember a moment in the kayak where I thought to myself “I wish this moment could last forever”. I need more moments like that in my life! I remember my dad one said that he wished he could keep a moment forever and that always stuck with me.  Joel and I would love to buy a house on a lake so I am sending that out into the universe 😉 On a side note, has anyone tried stand up paddle boarding? I would love to give that a try sometime!

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