July 8, 2017

This week flew by! I’m living in a different city for the month doing some equally awesome as it is exhausting work. I read a short section of the reading for “The Handmaid’s Tale” at the beginning of the week and didn’t really get to finish until recently. I want to open up discussion if anyone is interested but I thought I’d share a few things I am pondering as well as my overall impression of the first 13 chapters of the book.

First impressions: My first impression of this novel was that it feels extremely relevant to the society that I am living in. I really love Atwood’s decision to explore what the world was before the Republic of Gilead and how relatable it makes this dystopian world become.  This is a terrifying thing, and seeing this world through the mind of a female who is being used solely for her body feels strangely apropos to discussions our society is continually having.

5 Things to ponder:

– Why does Atwood choose to use day and night to tell the story of Offred?
– Does this novel feel relevant to our modern day society? Is this something we could foresee happening to some degree?
– Do you think this is a ‘feminist’ novel?
– How do symbolism and colour play an important role?
– What is it like seeing this society only through the mind and eyes of Offred?

These are things I am going to ponder over the week as I read the next section and hopefully will have some of my own answers for. If you have any please leave a comment.

The next reading section will be until the end of Chapter 24. Happy reading!

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