July 22, 2017

I convinced my friend to begin reading this book and she has already finished it! I’m really trying not to read ahead but it has been hard! I’m excited that I finally can finish the book this week! I’m a little worried about how I will bounce back out of if because after reading 1984 it took me a while before I felt ready for another book! I did choose something that is hopefully “lighter” for next month! If you are wanting to read the next book with me it is called “The Sun Is Also A Star” by Nicola Yoon 🙂 Now on to last week’s reading!

Impressions: Literature and language appear to be symbols of freedom for Offred. Handmaid’s have been stripped of many “luxuries” and it appears that censoring language is Gilead’s way of furthering that suppression. Offred’s Scrabble games with the Commander become a tool of liberation in a society where language is used as power. Moira represents resistance to the totalitarian system and ultimately a symbol of rebellion. Her character offers a sense of hope for Offred and offers a feminist voice to the novel. The characters we meet all become representations of something larger than themselves.

Things to ponder:

– How are religion and politics used as a single identity in this society?
– How can Offred identify who to trust and when to trust?

We finally get to finish the book!!! Enjoy the last week of reading this novel!

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