August 30, 2017

It feels like ages since I posted! I took a break from everything when Joel and I went on vacation, and only now have I been able to get around to getting all our photos sorted! Firsts things first is: WE GOT ENGAGED! It was beautiful and amazing but I will save that for another post. Prepare yourselves for some travel posts as we took a tonne of photos and video. If you didn’t know, Joel and I were travelling around the UK and Ireland for a couple weeks. It was the first vacation we’ve had together in what feels like forever so it was nice to take our minds off work and just be present in our trip which I feel we did really well. We started our journey in London. Of course it poured with rain the first day our trip just to welcome us, but we still managed to get around and see a lot. I’m glad that we were there when we were because Big Ben was still working! They’ve closed it now for 4 years to do some repairs and such so it was nice we got to hear it chime! We did a lot of the touristy things since we were only in London a short while. I ended up running into an old friend from school randomly at a Starbucks which was awesome. We also got to see another girl who attended the same school as me perform in a show on the West End which was awesome! She just won an Olivier Award for her show as well which is amazing! It’s called “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour”.  Before seeing the show we ended up eating a cafe claiming to be an old theatre where Charlie Chaplin rehearsed so that was pretty cool. All in all our trip around London was fun and felt like a whirlwind experience that feels like a distant memory at this point! Sometimes I feel like I go on a trip with the intention to relax, whereas this one I sort of knew that we were getting ourselves into a full and exhausting trip. Does anyone else feel that way before they travel? I was so happy we packed super light because it made all the jetting around so much easier with just a backpack. I’m excited for all the photos we took but here are just a few from London!

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