Visiting Edinburgh!

September 5, 2017

Edinburgh is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world! I have been there countless times (as I used to live close by in Glasgow) but this was Joel’s first time visiting and I’m so glad he loved it as much as I do. My mother and her family are from Edinburgh so it is nice to go visit and see the house she grew up in. I love wandering the streets thinking to myself “I wonder if my grandma ever walked down this road as a child”. The architecture of this city is amazing, the arts culture is booming, and the people are just all around very friendly. If you haven’t been to Edinburgh, you have to go!!! I love it so much 🙂

We were lucky to be able to stay at a family friend’s flat which is located in the perfect spot! We were able to watch the fireworks at the castle every night from our room which was amazing. If you didn’t know, Edinburgh hosts the biggest fringe festival in the world! I was able to perform in it back when I was doing my masters degree and it was amazing. We were able to sneak in a few shows while we were there. The craziest was called Hyprov. It was an improv show there they hypnotized the audience before improvising with them…crazy! I still don’t know if I buy in to the whole hypnosis thing…I’ll have to just try it out for myself to see 😉

While we were there we were able to visit my grandma’s friend Ella who is just one of the loveliest people on the planet! She is also an amazing chef. It was really great being able to listen to her tell stories and welcome us into her home as if we were family. She is truly amazing. We also went to the military tattoo and guess who showed up? Prince William and his father Prince Charles!!! I have never been in the presence of royalty before, so I’m glad we picked the night we did to see the tattoo!

Here are some photos!

^^embracing my crazy wind hair
^ you know I’m Scottish when I have this many freckles
^messy braids!
^ the house my mum, grandma, and great grand parents all lived in!
^ we checked out the Edinburgh cocktail festival and were not dissapointed

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