Dublin Walks

September 15, 2017

A goal for my life is to travel to a new place every year, and this year it was Ireland. I was very excited to see Ireland because I absolutely love lush, green landscapes and Ireland did not disappoint in that regard. We spent a bit of time in Dublin before we rented a car and drove around the Irish countryside. Getting to our hotel in Dublin was a bit crazy, our bus took an hour and I was SO carsick, then when we got to our hotel they told us it was an extra 20 Euro to check in early…!!! The man behind the desk must have seen how sick and tired I looked because he waived the fee and let us get into our room early which was SO needed. We ended up taking a couple hour nap in the middle of the day because we were so exhausted! Then we found online a little map that led us around all the major points of Dublin that you should see so we did the walk which took us a few hours. It was really lovely to see all the old churches and buildings. The vibe was so different from Edinburgh so we were expecting something completely different, but it was still great. The weather treated us well so we didn’t get rained on which was nice! This was one of the few trips I have taken where we didn’t really plan much ahead of time and sort of winged it. It was really nice to just go at our own pace and not feel rushed for anything. I need to do this more often! I wanted to sneak in seeing Riverdance but unfortunately it didn’t really work out. We did get to go into a pub called O’Neills which had live traditional music and dancing which I was SO excited about. We got there very early and got a seat right near the stage so we could be close. I highly recommend it! Here are some photos from our time in Dublin!

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