Misty Irish Drives

September 18, 2017

I was very excited to drive through the countryside of Ireland and see all the castles and green. We stopped at so many castles we eventually had to pass some because we didn’t think we would reach our hostel before they left for the night! I really enjoyed Blarney Castle. We didn’t get to kiss the stone (which is a little gross when I think about it lol) because the line was and hour and a half wait! But the grounds were beautiful! We drove to Killarney and drove around the Ring of Kerry. We were really excited to see the Skellig Islands because it is where they filmed part of Star Wars. Of course it was so misty that day we couldn’t see anything!!!! We were a bit dissapointed but it made for some fun photos. We both really liked Staigue Fort. You could climb right onto the top of it and walk all the way around. It was a little terrifying to think about falling off, but it was so beautiful! We also stopped at a really cool beach that had interesting patterns in the sand. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there and drive further north. Looking back on these photos makes we want to go now!

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