12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 3 Snowglobe

December 14, 2017

DAY 3: Snowglobe

This is a super simple project you can whip up in no time. I love having small ornaments like this to place around the house on a shelf or in the bathroom to add just a bit more Christmas spirit without trying too hard. This is also a cute little gift you can give to friends with a gift card!

What You Need:
– a small, wide mouth jar
– bakers twine
– hot glue + hot glue gun
– toy car
– small Christmas tree (dollar store)
– fake snow
– ribbon and ornaments for decoration

What To Do:
1. Hot glue the Christmas tree onto the car.
2. Tie a piece of bakers twine in a bow around the car and tree.
3. Hot glue car inside jar.
4. Add fake snow!
5. Decorate jar with ribbon and small ornament

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