12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 6 Christmas Wall Hanging

December 17, 2017

DAY 6: Christmas Wall Hanging

This is a super simple DIY you can do with fresh trimmings that you can add as a door knocker, wall hanging or as faux mistletoe (like I did). The smell is amazing and it adds just an extra hint of holiday charm to your home!

What You Need:
– fresh trimmings of pine, sticks, baby’s breath, fir etc.
– wire
– ribbon

What To Do:
1. Arrange fresh trimmings with larger/longer trimmings behind and small ones in front, leaving a bit of length at the top to tie
2. Wrap wire around the top of the trimmings to hold them in place
3. Cover wire with ribbon and tie in bow
4. Hang on door, wall, or ceiling

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