12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 12 Letter Board

December 23, 2017

DAY 12: Letter Board 

We made it to Day 12!! Thank you all so much for following along! This has to be my favourite DIY of the bunch! The reason I love this once is because it looks so good, can be used all year round, and makes a great gift! Although a bit time consuming, it is fairly straight forward!

What You Need:
– picture frame
– letter board letters
– dowels that fit width of picture frame
– felt
– hot glue gun

What To Do:
1. Cut strips of felt big enough to wrap around dowel. Hot glue in place. Do this for as many dowels that you need to fill picture frame from top to bottom.
2. Hot glue each dowel to the sides of the inside of the picture frame.
3. Fit in letter board letters for whatever saying you want!

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