Denim Jacket + Wardrobe Capsule

January 8, 2018

As soon as I saw this denim jacket, I fell in love. It is so cozy and perfect to pair with a casual look to go out and about. Lately with the “warmer” weather it is the perfect jacket! I have been wearing this a lot lately and I love it! It’s a Levi’s jacket. I found mine at Bamboo Ballroom in Edmonton but you can also get it here. I find lately that I would rather invest in fewer, nicer items that make me feel good. I have been looking at my wardrobe lately and seeing items that I bought maybe because they were on sale, or were fads at the time but that don’t serve me any longer. Have any of you felt this way? I want my wardrobe to be an extension of me and who I am; something that makes me feel confident and comfortable. I’m thinking of doing a capsule wardrobe. Is this something you’d be interested in seeing? I have seen others do this and they seem to love it! Let me know!


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