D E S I G N: How to personalize your rental!

January 19, 2018

So one of the things you might not know about me is that I also went to school for interior design! It has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I cannot wait for the day where I have a home I own and can remodel it to my perfect style. Being a renter can have its challenges, especially when you have a desire to have a home that reflects who you are. I put together a few tips on how to personalize your rental without doing any remodelling or painting!

1. Choose furniture that reflects your style. Furniture is going to be one of the biggest visual pieces in your home. When shopping for furniture consider both style and comfort. Find something that is practical but also reflects your personal style! Be creative! Our side table is actually just a spray painted garbage can!

2. Add some artwork! This is a little trick that goes a long way. Having art or pictures on the walls can really personalize a home. Be sure to consider colour when choosing your artwork. This is a great place to add pops of colour that you can bring together with other accents.

3. Add removable wall art. If you are in a renter’s home and are unable to make holes in your walls, there are lots of options for wall art that doesn’t require any screws or nails! These are probably one of my favourite wall pieces in our place and they can be removed so easily without damage to the walls!

4. Change out light fixtures. This is such a simple thing that can completely change a space. Find pendants, chandeliers, or whatever fits your style and swap out the light fixtures that are currently in your rental. You can just switch them back later! Trust me, this small trick makes a place seem so much more personalized and gives a renovated feel.

5. Add some plants! Adding plants to a home really brings a fresh and bright quality to a space. Having something natural in a space can really compliment all the others textures in a space. Not to mention they are very calming 😉

6. Get some lamps! Lamps are a huge contributing factor to the comfort and look of a space. Every space should have at least 3 sources of light (for example: natural, fixed lights, floor lamps). Having a combination of different light sources allows you to increase the functionality and the aesthetics of a space. Think about what feel you want when choosing light bulbs. The lower the kelvin, the warmer the light!

7. Think about texture. Considering texture is a great little trick for personalizing a space. It is important to have a combination of textures to make a space feel complete. Smooth, rough, metallic, wood, soft, fabric etc.
8. It’s all about the accents. 
The fine details are what truly bring a room together. These personal touches are great ways of turning an everyday rental into your home. Mix up colours, textures and shape to give versatility to a space.

Hope these tips were helpful! Happy decorating!

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