12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 3 Snowglobe

December 14, 2017

DAY 3: Snowglobe

This is a super simple project you can whip up in no time. I love having small ornaments like this to place around the house on a shelf or in the bathroom to add just a bit more Christmas spirit without trying too hard. This is also a cute little gift you can give to friends with a gift card!

What You Need:
– a small, wide mouth jar
– bakers twine
– hot glue + hot glue gun
– toy car
– small Christmas tree (dollar store)
– fake snow
– ribbon and ornaments for decoration

What To Do:
1. Hot glue the Christmas tree onto the car.
2. Tie a piece of bakers twine in a bow around the car and tree.
3. Hot glue car inside jar.
4. Add fake snow!
5. Decorate jar with ribbon and small ornament

12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 2 Alcohol Ink Ornaments

December 13, 2017

DAY 2: Alcohol Ink Ornaments

I saw this project done by another blogger and I just had to give it a try! These are so cute and look awesome on the tree, and what’s more? They are so easy to do! You can find colours that fit in to your tree’s colour palette (if you are like me and do that sort of thing…) or you can gift these to family and friends. I added fake snow to the insides of a few of these and that also looks adorable!

What You Need:
– Clear glass ornaments
– Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
– Alcohol Ink (I got mine from Michaels)

What To Do:
1. Remove tops off glass ornaments.
2. Spray inside of ornament with rubbing alcohol
3. Add drops of alcohol ink into centre of ornament and swirl around until it coats the entire inside of ornament.
4. Leave upside down on paper towel to drip and dry.

12 DIY OF CHRISTMAS: Day 1 Orange Garland

December 12, 2017

Welcome to Day 1 of “12 DIY of Christmas”. I am very excited to do this this year! I have been so busy making all the DIYS for you I haven’t had much time to post anything else. Each day will be a new project for the season that you can work on! Some of them are super easy and quick, while others require a bit more patience and time, but all of them are so adorable and are up around my house! Let me know if you try any of them out, I would love to see them! Are you ready? Let’s go!

DAY 1: Orange Garland

This project is a great addition to your tree, or forget stringing them and add them to pine and pinecones for a smelly potpourri. The smell is amazing and you will be loving them throughout the whole holiday season!

What You Need:
-Oranges (sliced about 1/4″ thick)
– Bakers Twine
– Needle

What To Do:
1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees farenheit
2. Slice oranges 1/4″ thick and blot with paper towel to get most of the moisture out.
3. Place oranges on a piece of parchment paper on a baking tray and bake for approx 2 hours or until dried and starting to brown. Rotate and flip them throughout the bake.
4. Remove from oven and once cooled, use the bakers twine and needle to thread them onto a garland.