July 22, 2017

I convinced my friend to begin reading this book and she has already finished it! I’m really trying not to read ahead but it has been hard! I’m excited that I finally can finish the book this week! I’m a little worried about how I will bounce back out of if because after reading 1984 it took me a while before I felt ready for another book! I did choose something that is hopefully “lighter” for next month! If you are wanting to read the next book with me it is called “The Sun Is Also A Star” by Nicola Yoon 🙂 Now on to last week’s reading!

Impressions: Literature and language appear to be symbols of freedom for Offred. Handmaid’s have been stripped of many “luxuries” and it appears that censoring language is Gilead’s way of furthering that suppression. Offred’s Scrabble games with the Commander become a tool of liberation in a society where language is used as power. Moira represents resistance to the totalitarian system and ultimately a symbol of rebellion. Her character offers a sense of hope for Offred and offers a feminist voice to the novel. The characters we meet all become representations of something larger than themselves.

Things to ponder:

– How are religion and politics used as a single identity in this society?
– How can Offred identify who to trust and when to trust?

We finally get to finish the book!!! Enjoy the last week of reading this novel!

Book Club: Week 3 “The Handmaid’s Tale”

July 15, 2017

I have to say this book just keeps getting better and better. I was hooked right from the start and now halfway through the book I am having a hard time putting it down! The only thing keeping me from finishing it is the fact that I have to find time to sleep!

Impressions: When I started the novel I was waiting for the obvious and with that anticipation came my imagination trying to figure out the circumstance for this character. When the shoe finally dropped I was so disturbed! It was way more eerie than I had ever imagine it to be in my mind and it drew me into this world even further. I am finding the use of Day and Night to tell the story to reflect the two versions of the character Offred that we see: Day being the oppressed and Night being the rebellious. I don’t think I quite distinguish this as a feminist novel at the moment as I find that it hasn’t explored both sides of the situation yet. The male roles appear to have more control but I believe that their roles are those of a sort of oppression too. I think it has the makings of a feminist piece but I need to read further to see. The symbolism of colour in particular is such a major part of this novel. The red that distinguishes Offred from the Commander’s Wife’s white is such an effective way of alluding to the roles that each of these women have in society and how those roles are represented. The Commander’s Wife wearing white symbolizes a purity which is a powerful element to explore in this novel. The further I read the more information I am indirectly receiving from Offred about what the other characters are thinking and feeling. I would like to have more insight on the situation but I’m thinking this will come with time!

Things to ponder:

– How do literature and language play a part in this novel?
– What does the character Moira symbolize?
– How does restriction affect all characters in the novel?
– How do characters symbolize something  larger than themselves? (Offred’s mother, Aunt Lydia, and Janine)


The next reading section will be until the end of Chapter 34. Happy reading!

Summer Romper!

July 12, 2017

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the romper has made its way back into my life. I honestly feel like this is the best kind of outfit for summer because it’s adorable and lazy 🙂 I’m all about the lazy in the summer. The heat this week has been nasty! I like when it’s hot, but my poor skin cannot handle the sun when it wants to cook me like bacon! This romper is the perfect outfit for hot summer days because the fabric is so light it doesn’t cling to you which is something I hate about denim in the summer. It is also a super comfy outfit! I love how the shorts aren’t too short and the back has an opening so you can feel the breeze on your back! This romper is from Anthropologie and is so worth it in my opinion! There are so many adorable summer outfits at Anthropologie right now I could spend my entire pay check there! Very dangerous! Rompers are not hard to come by right now in many stores, so I say stock up! 🙂 Also you may have noticed I chopped off all my hair for the summer! I love love love it and am thinking I might keep it this length for a while!