Little Thoughts

December 6, 2017

I have been a little MIA here for a while but it’s only because I’ve been busy creating a lot of holiday content for you all. This year I have decided to do 12 DIYS of Christmas!! They are going to be starting on December 12 so stay tuned! Each day will be a new DIY for the holidays and they are all super cute and affordable which I love!

Here are some little thoughts that have been on my mind lately:

– In Christmas movies where Santa exists, when parents say they don’t believe in him, how do they explain Santa’s presents under the tree?

– Wedding planning has officially taken over my life! There is so much to think about!

– I am very excited for the holidays this year because it means I get a whole week off work which is amazing!

– As much as I dislike snow, I wish there was more just until Christmas, then we can have this warm weather.

– Have been thinking of doing a wardrobe capsule, is this something you’d be interested in seeing?

– Joel and I have been thinking of traditions we can start this holiday. What are some of your favourite holiday traditions?

Stocking Stuffers!

November 30, 2017

Stockings have always been my favourite part about Christmas morning! After making some coffee and settling in by the tree with a cozy blanket, there is nothing better than opening stockings! Because Santa no longer visits me, Joel and I fill each others stockings each Christmas. Finding things to stuff into stockings can be a bit overwhelming at times but I put together a little list of fun items I would enjoy finding in my stocking to give you some ideas!

1. A holiday candle: I love the smells of Christmas, and this is an inexpensive stocking stuffer that I really enjoy!
2. Cozy socks: Surely I’m not the only one out there who enjoys brand new socks on Christmas day?!
3. Beauty blenders: These are perfect little stocking stuffers for a girl who loves makeup!
4. Lip balm: When it’s winter, you can never have too much lip balm
5. Your favourite book: I love books! If you love a book and are looking to recycle it, why not give it to someone in their stocking?
6. A mug: There are so many cute mugs out there right now! Getting a cozy mug and pairing it with some tea or hot chocolate is the perfect stocking stuffer!
7. Hot chocolate: I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love hot chocolate around the holiday season!
8. Chocolates: This is a super simple and small addition, but a stocking without chocolate is not a real stocking 😉
9. Hair ties: I lose hair ties all the time! This stocking stuffer would be very appreciated!
10. A cute stocking: If you are stuffing a stocking, why not get a really cute one?!

Let me know if you have any stocking stuffer ideas you love to use!

Organizing Part 1: Front Closet

November 18, 2017

Anytime I start to feel stressed out the first place I look is at my house. Does anyone else find that their mood changes when their house is cleaner? I know mine does! We keep our house fairly clean but somehow closets and drawers get out of control. I’ve decided to slowly work my way through the house and organize and purge our “hidden” clutter. First stop: Front Closet.

Because I live in a city that goes through extreme season changes, I find our closet can get a bit out of control with all the different coats and hats that we store there. I put together a few tips on how I organized my front closet in hopes of inspiring all you secret hoarders out there 😉 I will be sharing all my organizing strategies as I move through the house!


– Divide all your articles into group (all hats, mitts, toques etc)

– Find a way that works for you to organize each group. I organize mine by colour, but you could choose to organize by style, what you wear most often etc.

– Make sure every item is visible when you put it in the closet. We use a closet shelf organizer to store our scarves, toques and mitts.

– Only store items you will be using in that season. We store our items for other seasons in a bin.